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Learn how you can use the Bond-Based Way to help your dog become your perfect partner.

About Bond-Based


Dogs are thinking, feeling animals capable and worthy of more than  simply being conditioned to respond robotically to cues and commands.   They are  also highly social animals willing to form relationships with people.   Social animals want to fit in with and be liked by those in their social group.  Understanding how to form a healthy relationship with your dog is the key to helping your dog manage his own behavior appropriately.  No coercive training required because  secure, confident dogs cooperate voluntarily with those they love.    

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About the Creator

Jennifer Arnold is the founder and executive director of the service dog school, Canine Assistants.  She is also a New York Times bestselling author of Through a Dog's Eyes, In a Dog's Heart, and Love is All You Need.  For the past twenty-six years, Jennifer has been working to enhance her knowledge of the extraordinary relationship between people and dogs and how they could best live and work with one another. 

Developing Bond-Based

Watching thousands of person-dog relationships struggle with the same issues time and time again, Jennifer realized that something had to change.  She saw that obedience training was replacing affection with expectation, scaring dogs and frustrating their people.  She knew that people and dogs are both highly social.   That social animals want to fit in with and be liked by those in their social group.  So Jennifer created a way to use connection rather than coercion to facilitate mutually beneficial relationships.

About Subscribing

Wanting to help Canine Assistants reach more of those who desperately need service dogs while also helping people better understand dogs lead Jennifer to create a subscription service that does both.  Life with Dogs...The Bond-Based Way is for anyone who wants to better understand dogs and the extraordinary potential of our relationships with them and 100% of the profits go to support Canine Assistants.  Subscribers get exclusive access to Q&As, podcasts, blogs on the latest research findings about dogs and more with Jennifer and her husband, Kent Bruner, DVM.

If you want to make the world a better place for dogs and their people, subscription is for you!

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