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Jennifer Arnold and Judy Luther have created a three-day seminar that focuses on the human-dog interaction, drawing from Jennifer's extensive 25-years of experience teaching service dogs, and Judy's 27-years of experience teaching shelter and rescue dogs, scent detection dogs, pet dogs and their owners.  

The seminar will not only explain the origins of this unique relationship but will help you design tools that will inevitably aid in your ability to work with dogs on a variety of issues and levels.  Join us for a fresh look at what science has taught us about how dogs perceive our shared world.  

We are extremely excited to offer Bond-Based Choice Teaching to individuals who share our belief in the extraordinary power of the human-dog bond. 

Do not miss this opportunity to be among the first  to learn this revolutionary approach to teaching dogs and the people who love them. Immerse yourself in the world of dogs at our beautiful eighteen acre farm.


- Hands on exercises

- Learning the basic of Bond-Based Choice Teaching

How to educate your students in Bond-Based Choice Teaching

Learning there is a deeper understanding and bond with our dogs

- Ready made class outlines

Ready made class handouts

Our training partners are highly qualified teachers that have completed a comprehensive educational program.

Join us for a Bond-Based Choice Teaching Seminar.  Then become certified and spread the word on this revolutionary approach to living with and loving your dog.

- The latest science pertaining to dogs and the relationship 
   between man and dog.

- Behavior and Cognitivism as models for teaching dogs.

- A look at Social relationships as a teaching tool.

- Bond-Based Choice Teaching Methodology.

- Secure Attachment in dogs including how to facilitate development.

- Cognitive Capacities and Development.

- Emotional Capacities and Development.

- Social Capacities and Development .

- Physical Capacities and Development.

- Pain's Impact on Behavior-Recognition and Management Guidelines.

- Teaching Dogs using Bond-Based Choice Teaching.

- Teaching People to Utilize Bond-Based Choice Teaching Techniques.

- Working with Service and Therapy Dogs under ADA (Alliance) Guidelines.

Course Information

Location – Canine Assistants – 3160 Francis Road – Milton, GA 30004 (transportation is not provided in the cost of the seminar)

All training materials will be provided, as well as links to downloadable material

A practice animal will be provided to you from Canine Assistants to help complete your learning activities.  Since Canine Assistants is a service dog school, we request that no outside animals be brought to the seminars. Thank you for understanding!

    Suggested Hotel Accommodations

    Residence Inn Marriott – Alpharetta – 770.587.1151

    Hilton Garden Inn – Alpharetta – 770.360.7766

    Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta – 770.754.9600

    We will be working with a number of dogs.  During the summer months, temperatures are HOT in Atlanta.  You will want to wear cool clothes that you won’t mind getting a little dirty.  Conversely, winter months can be unpredictable in the Atlanta area, so plan to bring warm clothing.

    In addition, please bring a treat pouch, a notebook to take notes, multiple writing implements, and anything that would make working with the dogs easier for you.  We will have the We Leash for sale, but you might want to bring your favorite leash, as well.  

    We will do a dinner outing with a Canine Assistants dog who is in currently in the education process.  Our dinner outing will be casual.  You may bee too tired to go out at night after a long day at the seminar, so it is unlikely you’ll need anything dressier than jeans.

    The classroom room gets cold at times, so we recommend bringing a light jacket.

    You will be responsible for your own lunches and dinner.  For lunch there are several restaurants in close vicinity of Canine Assistants.  There is also a grocery store close by with a nice salad bar and a Starbucks coffee shop.

    We will furnish coffee, soda, and light snacks during the seminar, but feel free to bring your own snacks and drinks if you want something special.

    Smoking is not permitted on the Canine Assistants property.

    See you soon!